Do you offer free shipping?

Yes AACC does offer free shipping on orders over $350.00 for local deliveries and free on orders over $450.00 for deliveries outside our local radius. Speak with one of our customer service representatives for more details.

What is the lead time on custom pallets?

Typically all pallet order can be completed within 48 hours. AACC offers expedited production on certain custom pallets, please speak to one of our customer service representatives for more details.

What do you stock?

AACC stocks a large variety of items for immediate pickup such as RSCs, Tape, Stretch Wrap, Cremation boxes, Bubble wrap, Corrugated Tubes, Pads, and Lids. Stock pallets can be ready for pickup within 24 hours (orders under 50).

Are you certified for Export Pallets and Crates?

Yes, AACC is a Heat Treat Certified facility. We are certified by Packaging Research Laboratories to meet ISPM-15 standards. View Certifications

When ordering a pallet how do you determine what size the forklift entry will be on?

AACC works on a standardized system for pallets. When ordering you can always rely on the dimensions to tell you what side will be what. When looking at our dimensions the first dimension is always the length of the pallets, which is the length of the runners (also know as stringers), the second dimension is the width of the pallet which is the deckboards and bottom board dimension. This second dimension is always your forklift entry dimension.

What does Wing or Flush mean?

When ordering a pallet, All American Container Corporation has to determine the type of pallet you need. In order to do this our team needs to determine if you want the pallet built with a wing or made flush. A winged pallet is when the top and bottom boards overhang the outside runners of the pallet. Alternatively a flush pallet is when the top and bottom boards of the pallet are flush with the outside runners.

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